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October 2017
Written by Claudia Worth   
Monday, 02 October 2017

Fall has arrived with the crisp cool nights and changes in the weather heralding the coming of winter. I am still harvesting my tomato crop and hope to have some for our Produce Exchange/Sale at our upcoming Second Saturday - October festival. We hope to have more crafters join us this year to share their knowledge of hand made goods. Do you have a craft hobby please join us to share your talent! Hopefully Mother Nature will cooperate for a nice fall day. I look forward to meeting some old friends and new. 

The Wheat Ridge Historical Society meeting will be on the Second TuesdayOctober 10th at 7pm at the Red Brick Museum. We will be finalizing details on the upcoming Apple Cider Day and discussing more about our 5 year plan for the Society. We hope you can join us as volunteers are needed for our event!!!

The Wheat Ridge Quilting Circle meets the Fourth Wednesday- October 25th at the Red Brick museum from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm. bring something to work on, a show and tell item, and a sack lunch if you wish. Cost is just $2. Please note the November meeting will be on the 5th Wednesday due to Thanksgiving – 11/29/17 

The Historic Park is open from 10 am to 3 pm Tuesday thru Friday. Tours of the 5 buildings and grounds are only $2 per person. (Cash or Check only please).  Saturday tours are available by appointment. Advanced notice for groups of 10 or more will allow for more historians to be on hand to answer questions. Payment for tours, books and toys need to be made by cash or check on the day of your visit.

At the Wheat Ridge Recreation center (41st & Kipling) the display in the lobby was put together by our museum Hostess Jane Harvey and Claudia Callas showing some of the area’s history. Check out the display thru the end of October. With the upcoming 50th anniversary of Wheat Ridge becoming a city we are looking for more historical information to share with the public. So look thru those pictures and old papers, perhaps your family has information to share!!!

APPLE CIDER DAYSecond Saturday October 14th 10 am to 4 pm                                 at the Wheat Ridge Historic Park located at 4610 Robb St.  Wheat Ridge, Co.

Cider press; bring your own apples, a clean jug, and a donation of $3 to $5 and turn your apples into juice with our authentic cider press.

 Craft demonstrations; local crafters will show you how they make the creations they have for sale.

 Produce sale/exchange; did your zucchini or peppers go crazy this year? Bring them down to sell or trade with other gardeners in the area.

Lunch cooked in the Soddy on the wood burning cook stove, cost is just $6 Adults $4 Kids. YUM!

Old fashioned toys like train whistles, marbles, flutes plus women’s gloves, handmade soaps and more are for sale as well. Just remember CASH OR CHECKS ONLY please.

Vintage quilt display; see the collection now before it is stored away for another year!

 Listen to or join in on the live music. Last time we had two different music areas to enjoy.

 Visiting with local historians and fun for the whole family!

As always I look forward to meeting you at our next event!

Janet “White” Bradford

Last Updated ( Monday, 02 October 2017 )
Fall 2017
Written by Claudia Worth   
Tuesday, 26 September 2017
With the passing of another long time Wheat Ridge Historical Society member, I wanted to let you know about the necessity of having a will. Without an updated will on hand how will your family know your wishes for the disbursement of your property. I have seen families torn apart by the lack of a will and it is not a good thing to witness. What happens when you have no family and no will? The state handles your property sale and hires a service to sell your things.

Recently we were brought several boxes of old pictures from the estate of Edward & Eloise (Leech) Kessinger, the estate sale manager just could not bring herself to put these pictures into the trash so she brought them to the Historical Society last week. The Kessinger home was at 4055 Kendall St. the estate manager was told there were no relatives to claim the inheritance. So if you know anyone with a connection to Edward Kessinger and / or Eloise Leech – Kessinger of Wheat Ridge please let them know to contact the Wheat Ridge Historical Society soon. If you knew Edward or Eloise perhaps you could help to identify some of the people in the pictures. The pictures were dated but had no names.

This brings me to my winter project, this summer my brother died unexpectedly and I was looking thru my photo albums to find some pictures to share. I have some pictures of high school friends and while I know the name of many there are a few who I have no idea what their name might be. Guess I will have to do some research when I go to organizing my photos. I think I might use mailing label stickers on the back when I put the name and date on these pictures so future generations can see who was who.  Labeling the people in your photo albums could be a great family project this upcoming holiday season.

My other winter project will be to go thru our home and make note of the items I want given to friends and family upon my death. I have a will but the items inside the home are not listed. Who would know that I want Grandma Bradford’s pearls to go to the youngest Bradford girl when I die.  If it is not written down who will end up with this family heirloom?  Perhaps those mailing labels will come in handy again. I can put who I want it to go to right on the item.

So take time this winter to make things easier on your family and friends, make a will, list those items you want to give to friends and family. Also label those pictures for future generations!   Remember, Antique items, old Wheat Ridge Area photographs, year books and other memorabilia can be preserved for the future by donating them to the Historic Society. 

The WRHS lost a longtime member on September 9th when Doris Ibbison died. She was on the city council of Wheat Ridge in the past; she was very active with the WR Senior Center now the Adult Active Center and was a member of women’s clubs in the area. Funeral services for Doris will be September 29, 2017 at 10 am at the Wheat Ridge Methodist Church.

Janet “White” Bradford

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 26 September 2017 )
September 2017
Written by Claudia Worth   
Thursday, 31 August 2017

Our Heritage Day celebration at the Baugh House last month was a big success with about 70 people touring the Victorian house and seeing the Vintage Quilts on display. Most people enjoyed lunch with our grill master Michael and assistant Lynn helping them to fill their plates. We had two groups of musicians sharing their talents to the delight of our guests.

Since our event was the same weekend as the Carnation Festival a lot of people were unable to attend both so we have extended our Vintage Quilt display thru October  17th . There are quilts on display at both the Museum and the Baugh House.  Special thanks to Jane Harvey and Dave Curtis for all the hard work setting up the quilt displays… we appreciate their time and dedication to the Historical Society!

The September SECOND SATURDAY will be at the Baugh house on 9-9-2017 10am to 2pm

Along with the vintage Quilt display we will also have a PRODUCE EXCHANGE/SALE in the big tent! Bring your questions about the Wheat Ridge area to our historians, we love talking history while rocking in the chairs at the Baugh house.  

Mark your Calendar for our upcoming

 Apple Cider Day Saturday October 14, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Historic Park 4610 Robb St.  Bring your own apples and containers to hold the cider pressed on our own presses for a small fee. Produce Exchange/Sale.  Lunch is served for a nominal fee. Music, dancing and fun for all!


Musicians are always welcome to join the jam sessions at our 3 main events and at the holiday celebration too!  Crafters are welcome to set up a table to show their craft and sell items at our events as well.


Our monthly Historic Society meeting will be the SECOND TUESDAY 9-12-17 at the Red Brick house at the 4610 Robb St. 7pm social 7:30 pm meeting. We will be discussing the Apple Cider Day event.


 The Wheat Ridge Quilt Circle meets the 4th Wednesday of the month in the Red Brick house at the Historic park 10:30 am to 2:30 pm Dates for the rest of this year are September 27, October 25, November 29 (4th Week due to Thanksgiving) no meeting in December.   


We are greatly encouraged by the recent donations to the Historic Society and we encourage you to talk with your relatives about the past, record their stories and share them with us. Antique items, old Wheat Ridge area photographs, year books and other memorabilia can be preserved for the future by donating them to the Historic Society.   Still enjoying your antiques and pictures but not sure what should happen to them when you are no longer around to enjoy them, put the Wheat Ridge Historic Society in your estate plan. Future generations will appreciate the items you loved and they will be treasured here at the park.

 The Historic Park at 4610 Robb Street is open Tuesday thru Friday 10 am to 3 pm with our hostess and tour guide Jane Harvey available to receive your donations and give tours of the park. Tours are only $2. (Cash or check please) But let us know ahead of time for large groups as we have some historians who can help with advanced notice.  

Last Updated ( Thursday, 31 August 2017 )
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