About Us

Welcome to the Wheat Ridge Historical Society! 


Founded in  1974 during an effort to preserve The Soddy, we seek to bring the community together and to give every generation a chance to learn about how the past has shaped our present. 

The Aims and Purposes of the Wheat Ridge Historical Society are as follows:

To bring together people with a common interest in the history of Wheat Ridge, Colorado; 


To locate and collect printed material and objects that illustrate conditions and events of the past and present; 


To provide for the preservation of these and of historical monuments, buildings and sites;


To make available knowledge and information through museum displays, programs, lectures and publications;


To generally stimulate interest in, awareness of and appreciation of the history of our area and its impact upon the present and the future.

Wheat Ridge Historical Society

Fall 2022



September 13, 2022 – September Board Meeting

            According to the present bylaws, “Proposed amendments, including those recommended by the bylaw committee, shall appear in writing on the website, on Facebook and at the museum in September. The bylaw committee shall submit proposed amendments to the Board for consideration in October.”

• President appoints bylaw committee to study amendments and offer revisions to bylaws         

    (Deb, Bonnie & Marta appointed by pres. at Sept. mtg.)


Day late & a dollar short.   Sorry!


Oct 11, 2022 – October Board Meeting

          • Bylaw Committee submits proposed amendments to board for study

• Board appoints nominating committee (at least one director) to research and prepare           to designate nominees for board positions and five-member executive committee


     Oct 12-25 – Nominating committee identifies members interested in serving as directors:

                        Nomination forms made available for directors and executive team.

                                  Bonnie Botham  (Steering Committee chair)

Deb Bollig  (Collections Committee chair)                            

Dave Curtis  (Maintenance Committee chair)                       

Idella Lewis  (Communication Committee chair)      

Claudia Worth  (Archives Committee chair) 

     Oct 25 – Deadline: Nominating committee publishes slate of qualified nominees based on

nomination forms submitted for open board positions


Nov. 8, 2022 – Annual Membership Meeting

• Nominating committee presents slate and conducts election of board of directors

• Members vote to adopt or reject recommended bylaws amendments


     Nov. 29 – Nominating Committee publishes officer slate to the board (2 weeks)


Dec. 13, 2022 – December Board Meeting

Nominating Committee presents slate, then conducts election of new officers at

Holiday celebration


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