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About Us

Welcome to the Wheat Ridge Historical Society! 


Founded in  1974 during an effort to preserve The Soddy, we seek to bring the community together and to give every generation a chance to learn about how the past has shaped our present. 

The Aims and Purposes of the Wheat Ridge Historical Society are as follows:

To bring together people with a common interest in the history of Wheat Ridge, Colorado; 


To locate and collect printed material and objects that illustrate conditions and events of the past and present; 


To provide for the preservation of these and of historical monuments, buildings and sites;


To make available knowledge and information through museum displays, programs, lectures and publications;


To generally stimulate interest in, awareness of and appreciation of the history of our area and its impact upon the present and the future.

 Executive Committee for 2024

President: Janet Bradford

Vice President : Don Wood

Secretary: Barbara Bankovich

Treasurer: Bonnie Botham

Member at Large: Kassandra Rumbaugh

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